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Brain Games – Free online games at

Brain Teasers & Brain Games For Teens & Adults | SharpBrains

Hereyou can enjoythe Top 25 Brain Teasers,Games & Illusions that SharpBrains readers(primarilyadults, but some younger minds too) have enjoyed the most. It is always good to learn more about our brains and to exercise them!.

1. You think you know the colors? Try the Stroop Test

2. You say you cancount? Check out this briefattention experiment

3. Test your stress level

4. Guess: Are there more connections in one human brain or leaves in the whole Amazon?

5.Quick brain teasers to flex two key mental muscles

6. Count the Fs in this sentence

7.Can you identify Apples logo?

8.Ten classic optical illusionsto trick your mind

9. What do you see?

10. FunMental Rotation challenge

11.What is going on with these pictures?

12. Which way is the bus heading?

13. Where do words go?

14. Join this party for polyglots

15.Fun & Brainy Haikus. Yours?

16. Is a circle a circle?

17. Less obvious than it may appear

18. How many

19. Proverbs toexercise your memory and reasoning

20. Find the missing number inThe Empty Triangle

21. Good puzzle for the whole brain:The Blind Beggar

22. Find thethe Really, Really, Really Big Number

23. Pleaseconsider Lindas job prospects

24. A few guesstimationsoften used in consulting and tech interviews

25. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?

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Brain Teasers & Brain Games For Teens & Adults | SharpBrains

Brain Games & Riddles To Play In The Car – TitleMax

Car trips can seem awfully long and boring if theres nothing to do, and not all cars have room for board games or movie players. However, did you know that theres a special kind of game that can be played anywhere? All you need is the power of your own brain and a little bit of imagination. This kind of game will make you smarter, but it can also make you laugh, too!

Brain games are special kinds of games that exercise your mind while you play. In fact, youve probably already played brain games without realizing it. One of the most popular brain games is called a matching game. This is when a deck of cards containing pairs of images or shapes are spread out face down in front of the player, so only the backs of the cards are visible. The object of the game is to flip over two cards at a time and try to find the matching images. Theres a catch, though! If the two cards that were flipped over dont match, they have to be put face down again, and its up to the player to remember what images were on them.

There are other brain games that can be played without any cards at all, making them perfect for car trips. Another memory game is a game where one player sets a certain rhythm, either by clapping, or by saying an alphabet word, and then the other player has to remember the first thing and add to it. For example, Player A might say, Apple. Player B would then say, Apple, banana. When the play goes back to Player A, they have to remember the first two words of the chain and then add on another word, like coconut. You can make a memory game be about whatever you like. The main challenge is to try and remember everything correctly. These arent the only kind of brain games out there, either. Many popular board games are actually brain games because players have to use their memory or problem-solving skills to win.

While brain games are designed to help train your brain to recognize and track tricky patterns, brain-teasers and riddles are meant to help you think critically. The great mathematician Archimedes used brain-teasers to help his students think better. Some brain-teasers are still based on math and are solved like a math puzzle, but brain-teasers can also be funny jokes. You can play brain-teasers with your siblings or your parents to help make a dull car ride more interesting. You can come up with your own brain-teasers, or you can find some online.

Riddles are a special kind of brain-teaser that have a double meaning. For example, a riddle might ask, What has one eye but cannot see? The answer, a needle, is a play on the fact that the thread hole in a needle is called an eye. Riddles have been popular throughout human history. One of the most famous riddles, The Riddle of the Sphinx, shows up in an ancient Greek legend. Riddles popped up throughout the Bronze Age and the Middle Ages, and they are still enjoyed today.

Another fun version of a brain-teaser is called a code. There are many different kinds of codes, and figuring them out is like decoding a secret message. The answer may not be obvious right away, but just like with brain games and brain-teasers, a code can be solved with a little careful thinking. Some codes use one letter of the alphabet to stand for another one, and these are called substitution codes. Pictographic codes use pictures to represent letters. You can even make up your own code by assigning a certain picture or drawing to each letter of the alphabet. No matter which kind of brain-teaser or riddle you choose, theyre bound to make any car trip into a fun one!

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Brain Games & Riddles To Play In The Car – TitleMax

Try NeuroNation brain games and give your brain a boost

Could you solve the riddle in less than 20 seconds? No? Then you should keep on reading and try NeuroNation’s brain games. They can boost your brains health and strengthen your mental performance.

Games for your brain are a fun way of challenging yourself mentally. Regular training with brain games will keep your brain at its highest level and boost your cognitive performance to its maximum.

It is well known that physical exercise leads to a longer and happier life. So what about exercise for your brain? According to the latest findings in Neuroscience, your brain reaches its peak performance at 16-25 years, and thereafter cognitive functioning declines [1].

But the good news is: Neuroscience shows that you can train your own brain to increase your cognitive performance. In fact, your brain is able to change through various stimulations. Neuroscience calls this ability neuroplasticity, which represents the capability of our nervous system to physiologically change when it is being challenged on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the best training doesnt do you any good, if you dont do it regularly. But with any training that challenges you, it is quite hard to stay consistent if youre not having fun with it.

The same is true for brain training: we will only keep up training regularly with exercises we enjoy.

Thats why NeuroNation has designed challenging and logic games for your brain that will keep you motivated. Theyre called games for a reason: while their goal is to improve your cognitive functions and performance, they are still playful, fun and engaging. Our brain games particularly target your working memory, which is extremely important for your daily functioning. Scientists regard working memory as the fundamental basis of all our thinking, learning and problem solving. We need working memory in order to understand complex topics, solve problems, and store new information. Dr. Sherry Willis, Professor at the University of Texas [2], found that by training with brain games, individuals became more efficient at performing their everyday tasks of different complexity.

But our brain games also challenge your memory, logic, attention, and verbal skills through a variety of brain exercises based on scientific research.

Another advantage of brain games is that their cognitive benefits can be felt long into old age. According to a study in Neuroscience, published in Psychological Medicine [3], adults who engage in regular mental stimulation are 46% less likely to develop dementia than those who arent mentally active,

Dr. Karen Li, head of Concordia Universitys laboratory for adult development and cognitive aging, recommends that adults try brain games they find motivating such as logic exercises, puzzle games or crosswords, as a way for an effective brain boost to enhance their cognitive performance.

Our brain games consist of five categories that all challenge different parts of your brain:

The category Numeracy trains your algebraic skills. Its exercises are extremely useful for your everyday dealing with numbers. They not only improve your math skills but also strengthen your problem solving and logical thinking abilities. For example, the exercise Chain Reaction asks you to perform mental calculations quickly, memorize the result and quickly apply it to the next equation in the chain. The goal is to continue the chain for as long as possible.

Play Numeracy Brain Games

(Please note: before playing the games you will be required to answer a few questions in order to create the best suitable workout for you)

In this category, your verbal fluency and your articulation are being trained. Because of the ever-changing requirements, this category also tests your working memory, your multitasking abilities, and your visual tracking. In the exercise Password, you are shown a series of letters, which you have to form as many words as possible out of. Here, your vocabulary and your verbal articulation are tested.

Play Language Brain Games

The Reasoning category trains your ability to recognise patterns, meaning the relationship of one object to a group of other objects. We constantly have to recognize patterns in our everyday life in order to form logical conclusions and solve problems. This category really challenges your logical thinking but also your concentration and processing capacities. In the exercise Solitaria you need to quickly recognize patterns, and identify the one object that is different to all the others.

Play Reasoning Brain Games

This is the category that focuses on your working memory. You need working memory to remember information and keep several information simultaneously at your disposal. A well-trained working memory means a better attention span, and the ability to resist temptations. It also influences your IQ. The exercise Memobox requires you to remember the amount of colored balls going in and out of several different boxes. Focus, memory, and processing capacities are key here.

Play Memory Brain Games

Perception is designed to train your sensory acuity. This makes you process information faster, and react quickly to changing situations. Your attention and multitasking skills are particularly trained in this category. Color Craze is a challenging exercise that gives you more control over automatic actions of yours. You have to either click on a color or a symbol, depending on what is being sought. The exercise is designed to work against your impulses, so you will train your ability to resist your impulses.

Play Perception Brain Games

Our brain is an amazing organ. In a time of constant information overload, taking care of your brain health is more important than ever. Instead of traditional brain games like puzzles, solitaire, crossword puzzles or board games, challenge yourself with NeuroNation brain games as a playful and fun alternative that is based on Neuroscience. Let our games give your brain a boost and help you stay mentally fit and healthy.

1: Baltes, P. et al. (1999), Lifespan Psychology: Theory and Application to Intellectual Functioning.Annual Review of Psychology 50: 471-507

2: Willis, S.L. et al. (2006), Long-term Effects of Cognitive Training on Everyday Functional Operations in Older Adults. JAMA, 296(23), 2805-2814

3: Valenzuela, M., & Sachdev, P. (2006). Brain reserve and dementia: A systematic review. Psychological Medicine, 36, 441-454.

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Try NeuroNation brain games and give your brain a boost

Brain Teasers & Quizzes Games at Addicting Games

Games Brain Teasers & Quizzes

You want quizzes, quiz games and brain games? Welcome to Addicting Games where you’ll find the best!

The Impossible Quiz

Escape the Bomb

Empty Room Escape

Whizz Words Deluxe


Sliding Escape


Tasty Way

Darwinism 2048

Red Remover

Escape: The Car

The Idiot Test

Ricochet Kills 2

The Stupid Test 4


Whizz Wordz

I Dont Even Game

Find Your Way Out

Don’t Shoot The Puppy

The Vision Test

Escape the Phone Booth

Escape 2: The Closet

Speed Dating

Ricochet Kills 3

Magic Pen

Impossible Quiz 2

This Is the Only Level

Isoball 2

Jelly Blocks

Tactical Assassin 2

Spite Cannon

4 Second Frenzy

Super Stacker




The Stupid Test 3

Pool Master

Isoball 3

Portal: Flash Version

The Stupid Test 5

Bloons Players Pack 5

World’s Hardest Game 3

Escape Culver

Escape the Health Center

Park My Train

Escape from Hartwell


Stupid Test 2: Jr High

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Brain Teasers & Quizzes Games at Addicting Games

CogniFit’s Free Brain Games-Play Today.

Brain games are games or activities that can help assess and train your mind, your brain, and your cognitive abilities. Leveraging the latest research in neuroplasticity, CogniFit has developed a specific brain training program and brain games to help you get the most out of your daily life. CogniFit gives you access to a number of brain games, cognitive assessments, and brain training programs that work with the user’s specific cognitive level to help improve cognitive skills over time.

Measuring cognitive skills and cognitive function is the basis of an accurate and effective brain training program. CogniFit works by taking classic tests and adapting them to train and assess the skills that have been proven to play a role in memory loss, attention disorders, and a variety of other pathologies. The brain games from CogniFit are fun and engaging, making it possible to train your brain while having fun!

Training your brain doesn’t have to be a chore. Take a look at our scientifically validated brain games below and give them a try!

Before starting free online brain games, it’s important to make sure that the program is scientifically validated and that the time you spend training will actually improve cognitive function. There are many free mind games available online, so what makes CogniFit’s program different? CogniFit has science backing their program, which means that numerous impartial studies have been done to test the effectiveness of our brain training and cognitive assessments.

CogniFits brain games are specifically designed to help improve more than 26 cognitive skills, like memory, planning, response time, working-memory, and a wide variety of other essential skills that you use in your daily life. Imagine being able to make your grocery list in half the time, or learn that math equation with no fuss! CogniFit has the potential to help you improve the skills that may make these tedious tasks easier!

CogniFits brain games are scientifically validated, and our research is peer-reviewed and independently published, which means that you can be sure you’re that you’re training your brain in a fun and effective way. Some online brain games are fun, but their science isn’t scientifically backed, meaning that you might not be getting the most out of your brain games and memory exercises.

CogniFits mind games are easily accessible online. The different brain games are simple, effective and fun. You can decide to train by yourself or challenge other users! Find out valuable information about your cognition and how you’re progressing throughout the program. CogniFits technology adapts each brain game to the user’s level, so you can rest assured that you’re training all the cognitive skills you need to work most, at the pace that is right for you. The system also gives you recommendations based on your results and progress, and let you know the cognitive skills that could benefit from additional training.

Tailoring the brain games to each user means that each user will have access to a unique brain training program that is appropriate for their specific needs.

By spending only 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week using brain games and CogniFit’s brain training program, you could see improvements in your overall brain fitness. CogniFit lets you easily track your evolution, see how much you improve over time, and compare yourself with the rest of the world.

Start playing today, discover your current cognitive level and see how CogniFit’s brain games and brain training can make your brain sharper and more agile!


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CogniFit’s Free Brain Games-Play Today.

Fun Brain Games | Brain Games for Adults |

Get insane in the membrane, insane in the brain! Want to have fun during your free time while exercising your mental capacity? Well, these free brain board games like word and puzzle games got you covered. brings a list of free brain games for toddlers, kids, adults, and for seniors! Download and play from the big brain games website now!

You might think that these brain games would not do any good to you. If so, then you completely got it wrong! We provide a collection of free brain teaser games of all varieties, including brain games tv show episodes, brain illusion games, brain surgery games, brain surge games, and even Aso and Foam brain games online. All of our logic games guarantee to put your mental capacity and thinking skills to test.

Brain games truly require you to pay attention to the point where you dont get to blink. Brain games a kid would love like illusion and color are great mental exercises. And yes, we do have brain games based on a board game too like Monopoly or pretty much anything from Foam Brain Games. proudly presents Brain Games: Family Edition!

Mind you (no pun intended), brain games for kids and for adults alike are fun too! They are not just about stimulating your thinking caps; they also enhance your mentality. At the end of the day, you will realize that playing these free brain games for adults and kids will smarten you up and keep your brain energized.

You may not know it, but these may also serve as brain games for dogs too! Youve seen those videos of a dog playing brain games, right? When we say these brain teasers games are for everyone, we do mean EVERYONE.

Start training and enhancing specific skills on top fun brain training games with 1LINE and 1010! Puzzle. Test your mental skills with physics puzzle games like Love Balls. If you want the combination of action and mind-melding puzzles, Break The Prison is your best bet. Use these brain exercise games to your advantage. Try out Word brain games such as Word Link and Word Cookies! Not only will you get smart, but you will also have a good time!

Unlike the free brain games online that feature really odd themes and bizarre programming, Games.lols collection of noodle games are genuine and true to the source materials.

It is also cool if you let your kids play our free brain test games or brain puzzle games. There is no doubt they will be entertained. Above all, they get to hone their thinking skills with some of our titles. Look no further we got a dozen ways to expand your mind. It is your turn to show to use what you got. Play one or more of these fun games. Lets see how far you can reach!

If you have not noticed yet, the world is under the spell of Sudoku. This game has definitely taken the entire planet by storm and it turns out that lots of people love solving numerical problems. Despite being simply titled, this game is not as easy as you might think!

For starters, it is a game for all Sudoku fans who want no frills and just a bunch of numbers. You will start by naming one of the games three profiles, go straight to the main menu, and decide if you want to start a new game or jump into the Newspaper mode.

The rules are classic you will be introduced to nine 33 grids that are partially filled in with numbers. Its your job to fill in all the blank squares. The numbers from 1 to 9 should always appear in each column, row, and the little 33 grids without doubling up. Sudoku is a great brain game for the family, and you can play this puzzle brain game even while tending to your dog.

The game is developed in a way that it comes with intuitive options, making it a bit too easy. You figure the hardcore Sudoku fans probably do not want this easy of a way out and the Sudoku noobs probably are not super-excited about shelling out a video game version of what they might just encounter in those daily newspapers or magazines. But hey, give it a try and you will see yourself spending hours after hours solving every puzzle!

Sudoku also bids well as one of the most popular brain teaser games for adults.

There is no doubt that Word Cookies is a very addictive game. The cool thing about this word puzzle is that it is designed for all ages. It would intrigue anyone who loves the idea of playing the word or reading games!

The objective of this brain teaser game is to find words within a mix of 5, 6 or 7 scrambled letters. You will need to spell out several words, though this part here really depends on the pack and level. The levels in the game will jumpstart with a bunch of easy words. Do not worry, you wont be faced with ridiculous 14 letter words for you to spell. However, the number of words you can find will increase as you progress within a pack. Word Cookies is a colorful brain game that will out your knowledge to the test. In these kinds of brain games, paying attention to the letters is important and will be helpful in completing the levels.

You can obtain points every single time you are successful in completing the levels. For coins, you can get them as soon as you complete a pack or find special words. But what if youre having trouble finding or knowing what the words exactly are? Relax, there are hints or clues that can help you out. Not only is Word Cookies easy to use but the premise is also compelling enough to get you going from the get-go!

Remember the Minesweeper game in your really old PC many years ago? And you had no choice but to click on it to kill your time while the incredibly unreliable Internet was down? This game looks exactly like it!

In this version of Minesweeper, there are three different levels you can choose from. If youre a rookie or have no patience in sweeping out a large minefield, choose the easiest one to play and win! Each grey tile has its own purpose it could be a bomb, a special tile, a part of your path, or the exit. Each number you uncover in a tile represents the number of bombs surrounding that particular tile. So, if you see the number 5 on a square, be absolutely cautious cause it means that you have a high chance of stepping into a mine tile and eventually losing the game if you tap on its surrounding tiles.

You also have exactly three chances to win a puzzle. If you lose a life, you lose a star. And there goes your opportunity of getting the perfect three stars in each level. Dont worry though, you can restart a level at any time to satisfy the perfectionist in you. But dont even think of taking the easy way out by taking a snapshot of the current puzzle because each time you restart a level, you are faced with an entirely new puzzle!

Get those gears in your brain moving with the collection of Brain Games we have here!

Download Break the Prison by Candy Mobile for PC today! Access cheats and tips for challenging levels and puzzles. Break out of Prison by using your wits!


Rating: 4.8

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Fun Brain Games | Brain Games for Adults |

Brain Games – Fun Games That Train Your Mind

What can you do to help your brain stay sharp? A lot! These five steps may help keep our minds limber and healthy!

1. Break out of your routine: Take on new challenges; take a different route home, travel, and experiment! Switching up elements of your routine exercises the brain, and may help keep it fresh and sprightly.

2. Word Games and Puzzles:

Games and puzzles that are intellectually challenging give your brain a workout. Over time, when one type of puzzle becomes easy for you, try a more advanced version or a new game. In order to benefit your mind, puzzles must always be challenging and engaging.

3. Cope with Stress:

Studies show that prolonged stress and sleep deprivation might have harmful effects on memory. By dealing with stress in a prompt and effective way, you might be giving your brain a boost. If something is causing you anxiety, try to deal with it quickly so you no longer have to think about the matter.

4. Diet and Exercise:

Like all muscles in the human body, the brain benefits from proper nutrition and exercise. Try playing sports, hiking, or even taking the stairs to your office.

5. Omega Three Fatty Acids:

Fatty fish, like salmon, are very healthy because they contain omega three fatty acids. Research suggests that omega three fatty acids have many health benefits, includingmemory and mood enhancement.

Exercising the brain can be fun, healthy, and relaxing! Good luck maintaining great health in both mind and body.

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Brain Games – Fun Games That Train Your Mind Brain Games – The Game – Based on the Emmy …

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Brain Games: Test Your Memory and Attention Span

Did you know that discovering new things is one of the ways you can help keep your brain healthy? A 2014 study from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Texas tells us that trying new things, like quilting, or learning a new piece of software, game or a new language can strengthen our brains.

In an interview with AARP, Harvard Brain Scientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor reiterates these findings by stating that its probably in our brains best interest for us to veer off our regular path and break the mold every once in a while: As we get older, we routinize our self so we have this lovely little routine that fits in a box. So what youre saying to your brain is its okay, you only have to be the size of the box. But thats not what we want. We want newnew [and] unfamiliar. And thats what you want to do, you want to keep your brain cells excited.

Thats why here at Staying Sharp we try and provide a wide variety of fun and engaging brain games, memory training and other content to get you thinking about brain health in new ways and trying new things every single day. From our fun and creative activities, to our articles, recipes, videos and of course our brain games theres a million ways for you to explore. So join or sign into AARP and dive in to new experiences on Staying Sharp todayyour brain may just thank you for it.

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Brain Games: Test Your Memory and Attention Span

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