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Inquiring minds contend at RI science fair – The Providence Journal

Students from across Rhode Island put their data on the line at the state competition, which will send two high school winners to an international competition in Los Angeles in May.

WARWICK Eleven-year-old Jonah Cohen was curious about those brain-training games such as Lumosity that you see advertised on TV. He wondered if they really worked.

He’s probably not the only person who’s asked that question, but he is unusual, especially for a sixth-grader, in that he decided to seek an answer by conducting a series of scientific experiments.

The results were on display Saturday at the Rhode Island Science and Engineering Fair. Cohen, a student at St. Pius V School in Providence, found that brain games could make a difference for the very young and the very old.

“I didn’t realize it would impact those age groups the most,” he said while standing in front of a posterboard explaining his project.

That type of intellectual curiosity could be seen across the 203 projects on display at the Community College of Rhode Island on the first day of the fair, which wraps up on Sunday. They were done by 250 students some participated as teams representing 35 schools from across Rhode Island.

The state’s first science fair was held in 1948, and it’s changed a lot since then. For a start, the projects have gotten more sophisticated “we’re not building volcanoes anymore,” said volunteer staff member Claire Fortier.

And the types of science they delve into have also broadened. Many of this year’s projects focused on behavior and social issues, exploring such topics as gender and religion, said Mark Fontaine, the longtime director of the fair.

The fair is divided into two divisions: middle school and high school. Only the high school entrants compete for the right to represent Rhode Island in an international competition that will be held in Los Angeles in May. Ten finalists were selected on Saturday and the two winners that will go to Los Angeles will be chosen on Sunday.

“Some kids are doing ‘change the world’ types of things,” said Karin Hajj, assistant director of the fair. “The science fair can open the door for a lot of kids to their careers.”

That’s not an exaggeration. Take Justine Fortier, Claire’s daughter. A finalist all four years in high school, she is now an electrical engineer at Raytheon, a sponsor of the fair.

“For me, it was all about the experience,” said Justine, who is one of this year’s judges.

Part of that experience for Griselys Mena, an 11th-grader at TIMES2 Academy in Providence, was learning that doing science can be a lot of work. For her project that looked at the effectiveness of natural remedies in killing bacteria, she did tests on 600 petri dishes.

“The more data, the better,” the 17-year-old said. “It was a lot of work, but I learned a lot from it.”

So did sixth-grader Cohen, who plans to be back next year and has dreams for the years afterward.

“I like how the brain works, and I’d like to pursue that path when I get older,” he said.

The fair is open to the public from noon to 3 p.m. Sunday.The high school finalists are:

Kelly Aldana,TIMES2 Academy;Nicolas Berg, Bishop Hendricken High School;Priyanka Bonifaz, Barrington High School;Liam Bullard, Mt. Hope High School;Christina Curren, Barrington High School;Emily Kaczynski, South Kingstown High School;Claire Martel, Barrington High School;Isabella Miller, Mount St. Charles Academy;Alisha Toribio, TIMES2 Academy;Anjali Subramanian, La Salle Academy; andPaige Noland, St. Mary Academy-Bay View

(401) 277-7457

On Twitter: @KuffnerAlex

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Inquiring minds contend at RI science fair – The Providence Journal

Puzzle shop, home decor store open in thriving downtown Whiting –

Bender had been working for a beer distributor in Chicago and decided to set out on his own after it got acquired by a larger competitor. He worked as a bartender on the side, and bar patrons always wanted to play games he’d bring in to pass the time.

“We have a few family games because people come in and ask for them, but most of what we have can’t be found in a big-box store,” he said.

The shop aims to appeal to all ages, Bender said. Parents especially like STEM learning materials and wooden puzzle games that get their kids off their smartphone.

Mind Benders is open from 10:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

For more information call 219-237-4FUN or visit

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Puzzle shop, home decor store open in thriving downtown Whiting –

AREA SENIOR CENTER CALENDARS – Journal Gazette and Times-Courier

Mid-Illinois Senior Services, Inc.

114 E. Jefferson, Sullivan, 217-728-8521

Monday 11:30 a.m., Peace Meal.

Tuesday 8:30 a.m., coffee and donuts; 11:30 a.m. Senior Potluck; 12:30 p.m., Bridge/Quilters.

Wednesday 10 a.m., Sewing Club; 11:30 a.m., Peace Meal; 1 p.m., Wii bowling.

Thursday 11:30 a.m., Peace Meal Potluck; 12:30 p.m., hand and foot cards.

Friday 11:30 a.m.,Peace Meal; 12:30 p.m., popcorn & a movie; 1 p.m., pool tourney.

325 E. N. Ninth St., Shelbyville, 217-774-2251.

Monday 8:30 a.m., coffee; 11:30 a.m., Peace Meal; 1 p.m., sewing club.

Tuesday 7:30 a.m., exercise; 8:30 a.m., coffee/shuffleboard; 10 a.m., TRIAD; 11:30 a.m., Peace Meal; noon, dominos; 1 p.m., bunco.

Wednesday 8:30 a.m., coffee, Health Fair at Shelby Christian; 11:30 a.m., Peace Meal; 12:30 p.m., Canasta; 1 p.m., Medicare assistance.

Thursday 7:30 a.m., exercise; 8:30 a.m., coffee/shuffleboard; 11:30 a.m., Peace Meal.

Friday 11:30 a.m., Peace Meal; 4:30-6 p.m., baked steak dinner.

Call Margery, 217-774-5595, to make reservations.

107 W. Main, Arcola, 217-268-3442

Senior Center is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m. for anyone who wants to walk. For Meals on Wheels delivery, contact Arcola Health Care Center at 217-268-3022.

Wednesday 1-4:30 p.m., marbles.

Thursday 1-4 p.m., quilting

507 E. Main St., Toledo, 217-849-3965

Lunch, prepared by Peace meal staff, is served at noon each week day. Please RSVP at 217-849-3965 by 10:30 a.m.

Chairobics exercise available on requested basis.

Saturday, March 18 Shopping trip to Effingham and lunch at Niemergs. Must have called rides at 866-384-0503 by noon March 13.

Monday 8 a.m., coffee, Skip-Bo, jigsaw puzzles, games and visiting; noon, Peace Meal.

Tuesday 8 a.m., coffee, Skip-Bo, jigsaw puzzles, games and visiting; noon, Peace Meal; 5:30 p.m., board meeting at Life Center. Public welcome.

Wednesday 8 a.m., coffee, Skip-Bo, jigsaw puzzles, games and visiting; noon, Peace Meal. Rides Mass Transit will take seniors shopping in Charleston today. Call 866-384-0503 by noon Monday before the trip.

Thursday 8 a.m., coffee, Skip-Bo, jigsaw puzzles, games and visiting; 10:30 a.m., bingo; noon, Peace Meal.

Friday 8 a.m., coffee, Skip-Bo, jigsaw puzzles, games and visiting; 10:30 a.m., brain games with U of I Extension, Cheri Burcham; noon, Peace Meal.

Board meetings are held at 5:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. The public is welcome to attend board meetings. Call 217-849-3965 for more information. To serve on the board, talk to one of the board members.

See Joannie Roberts, senior information specialist, for help in filling out forms or applying for insurance, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, license-plate sticker discounts or other information. Call 217-849-3965 for information or appointment.

Monday Ham and beans, copper carrots, cornbread, pears.

Tuesday Meatloaf, frosted sweet potatoes, seasoned greens, whole grain wheat, applesauce.

Wednesday Taco salad with beans, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream and taco sauce, taco chips, cake.

Thursday Roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, tomatoes and celery, Texas toast, overnight fruit salad.

Friday Salmon burger, German potato salad, cauliflower and pea salad, Texas toast, scalloped pineapple.

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AREA SENIOR CENTER CALENDARS – Journal Gazette and Times-Courier

[FREE GAME] Brain Games For Kids –

Hi, Guys!

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Available on Google Play Store:

Free puzzle game”Brain Games For Kids”find the same animal. As soon as possible. (No differences found)

Brain Games For Kids is the classic board game, which helps develop memory skills of children. Playing thisanimals matching gamewith your kids will help them improve their recognition while having fun. Memory game for childrenis an intellectual game, supports the formation of visual memory of children. Kids memory game contains very cute images of animals as lion, cat, dog, elephant, etc., which are on memory cards. Playing kids learning games to find the same animalwill help your children improve their recognition while having fun. It has been recently scientifically proven that regular mental and concentration exercise can significantly improve the memory of kids. Brain Games For Kids of all ages, father, mother, babies, preschoolers, animals, girls, men, school children and teens. Especially boys will love this game.

How to playBrain game for kids: For each level, a player is required to tap the square buttons and need to memorize what is behind it to match its couple. Find the same animal As soon as possible. Players are required to complete a level in minimum finger taps to match all animals.

Features ofanimals memory games for kids:

Three different levels of game play: easy (2 x 3 puzzles), medium (3 x 4 puzzles) & hard (4 x 5 puzzles) &difficulty (4 x 7 puzzles) & Extreme (4 x 8 puzzles)& Master (5 x 10 puzzles). Memory game develops identification, focusing and motor skills of the kid. Matching games have cute sounds for children Colourful HD graphic designed for diminutives. Sound settings adjustable or even on/off play sounds and music. Visual memory training. assorted game has high score. Vibrant, beautiful and colorful recognizable images of animals like wolf, tiger, lion, alligator, fox, dog, cat, etc It helps children to figure out and teach different animals. Matching game is designed and structured according to kid’s mentality. Application may contain advertisements to keep it free.

Simple and instinctive interface which is easy to use and easy playing, specially designed for kids. Brain Games For Kids is also optimized for tablets (provide HD pictures). This free Brain Games For Kids will keep your children quiet and amused in car, in a restaurant or everywhere.

Have fun to play with our matching game! Recent changes: Performance improvement of – animals memory game for kids

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[FREE GAME] Brain Games For Kids –

Wellness expert discusses brain health in Asheboro library talk – Asheboro Courier Tribune

ASHEBORO Its All in Your Head: Brain Health and Wellness is the topic of a talk by Dr. Mike Perko at 6:30 p.m. Monday, March 20, at Asheboro Public Library, 201 Worth St.

Perkos talk, sponsored by the Friends of the Library, is free and open to the public.

Perko, a nationally recognized wellness expert, says the human brain is a lifelong work in progress and the saying use it or lose it has never been more accurate.

In his talk, he will explore the revolution in neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to form new connections and reorganize itself), consider the effectiveness of brain games and discuss strategies for incorporating brain health into daily life.

Perko is a professor of Public Health Education at UNC-Greensboro. He holds a Ph.D. in health education and promotion from the University of Alabama.

He also serves as wellness advisor to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

For more information, call 336-318-6803.

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Wellness expert discusses brain health in Asheboro library talk – Asheboro Courier Tribune

Did You Know? – UCR Today (press release)

UCR Magazine Winter 2017

UCR Magazines Winter issue is now online. Learn about why UCRs goal of raising $300 million is crucial for campus growth. Living the Promise: The Campaign for UC Riverside is the first comprehensive fundraising campaign in UCRs history, and the gifts will go to aiding student graduation rates, creating faculty support, funding research programs, and building new infrastructure around campus.

In this issue, professor Joseph Kahne the inaugural Ted and Jo Dutton Endowed Presidential Chair for Education Policy and Politics in the Graduate School of Education talks about educational policies in the digital age. Golf coach Mary Ritchie tells us why she thinks golf is a microcosm for life. Youll also get to know EPIC, UCRs new brain trust for inventors, and relive professor Stu Kriegers experience at the University of Californias center in Washington, D.C.

Read the magazine online, share features on your social networks, view it on your mobile devices, and more.

Start reading now!


Imagine if you could see better, think more clearly, have improved memory, and even become more intelligent through simple training done on your own computer, smartphone, or tablet.

TheUCR Brain Game Center for Mental Fitness and Well-Being (UCR Brain Game Center) mission is to research, test, and disseminate game software instrumented with expert knowledge to optimize human brain processes with an aim to make scientifically principled brain games that translate to performance in real-life activities.

Attend the UCR Brain Game Center open house to learn more about the research, test your cognitive limits, try some mental fitness games, and enjoy light refreshments.

For more information visit the UCR Brain Game Center website.

Did you know that the Eat or be Eaten video on the UCR YouTube channel has more more 205,000 views?

The official YouTube channel is one of many ways to stay connected with fellow Highlanders. Keep up to date on the latest news on and off campus, explore student life and interests, and show support for those working to make a difference.

The UCRYouTube page is a great resource for anyone interested in learningabout UCR because they can find videos aboutHighlander life, faculty research, UCRprograms, sports, alumni stories, and shots of almost every part of campus.

Share the pride! Follow UCR on social media:YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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Did You Know? – UCR Today (press release)

‘Chess Ultra’ is Bringing its Luxurious Game Environments to PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive – Road to VR

Ripstone Games, makers ofPure Chess(2012),are bringing their upcoming sequel Chess Ultra to PlayStationVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The classic chess game features a number of beautifully rendered environments that will finally make youfeel like the rich and magnanimous Grandmaster you always knew youd becomeor a streetwise criminal whos broken into a closed museum to host underground chess games to the death. That last one sounds way more fun actually, but sadly not a part of the game.

Coming this spring, Chess Ultrawill offer the discerning chess Wunderkind10 different AI levels to battle against, a variety of finely crafted chess sets, and online play, something Ripstone promises will have plenty of game modes to keep you and your friends entertained online.

The developers are remaining tight-lipped on any specific features beyond the ones detailed above, but if the games PS3/PC predecessorPure Chesscan give any clues, its probably going to be packed with the standard smattering of chess puzzles, tournaments, and likely a robust tutorial to teach you all the ins-and-outs of the Kings Gamenot to mention environments spanning the usual offerings of posh penthouse apartments, English sitting rooms, and private libraries straight from Harry Potter. Although still unannounced, Im personally hoping for online avatars, specifically one with a captains hat and ascot so I can cosplay as the rich guy from Gilligans Island (1964).

Ripstone producer Kelly Willoughby says in a PlayStation blogpost announcing the game, that the company still has big surprises up our sleeves that we cant wait to shout about!

The game is also coming to PS4, Xbox and PC via Steam. Theres currently no official word on if the game will offer cross-platform multiplayer.

This article may contain affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product we may receive a small commission which helps support the publication. See here for more information.

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‘Chess Ultra’ is Bringing its Luxurious Game Environments to PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive – Road to VR

Marbles the Brain Store closing four Maryland locations in … – Baltimore Sun

Marbles the Brain Store is shutting down and holding closing sales at all stores, including four in Maryland.

The “smart toy” specialty retailer is closing at Mall in Columbia, Towson Town Center, Annapolis Mall, and National Harbor, in Oxon Hill.

The Chicago-based chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Feb. 3 and is closing its 37 stores. The company plans to liquidate all inventory while trying to sell intellectual property related to the e-commerce and wholesale businesses, Girisha Chandraraj, company CEO, said in a court filing.

She said the chain grew in popularity over the years but faced challenges such as declining mall traffic and weak sales, leading to lower-than-expected earnings during the holiday season.

The chain began as a kiosk in May 2008 and opened its first store in downtown Chicago later that year. Its website says it specialized in “brain games” to help older people with memory loss, children with ADHD and others who want to improve focus and attention.

The chain is among more than a dozen national retailers that are either closing altogether or trimming back stores as closings number in the hundreds and continue at a pace not seen in years, partly because of the rise in online shopping, experts have said.

Other bankruptcy filings in recent years have come from American Apparel, Aeropostale, Pacific Sunwear of California, Sports Authority and RadioShack.

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Marbles the Brain Store closing four Maryland locations in … – Baltimore Sun

Hands On: Incredible Puzzle Game Gorogoa Needs to Come to PS4 – Push Square

Publisher Annapurna Interactive brought four games with it to PAX East 2017, and the one that was by far the busiest all weekend was the incredible and unique puzzle game, Gorogoa. A hand-drawn point-and-click puzzle game, Gorogoa revolves around utilising four panels that function almost like a comic. You start with just one panel and as you click on the correct things within the environment you find that you can separate elements of the image from one another and stack them throughout your four panels.

The mechanics were remarkably clever and refreshing to play around with, and even though we spent just a brief time with the game, we had several different moments of “oh my god why didn’t I think of that sooner?” Moving panels around to create doorways to new environments or changing the contents of a container so as the make a shelf heavier to convert it to a ramp were just a couple of the highlights in the puzzle mechanics on display.

Not to be outdone was the visual presentation of the title. The hand-drawn art is some of the most stunning that we’ve ever seen, and seeing four incredible images laid out across each of the panels inside the play-space is one of the most beautiful things a gamer is likely to see. The environments make for an incredible mix of surreal and grounded and help to inform what seems to be a bleak narrative about a war-torn nation. We didn’t end up spending too much time with the game, so the narrative details are a little cagey, but we felt like we came away with a firm grasp on the puzzle mechanics. And when we were done, we were hungry for more. This writer was already desparate for this game before getting some hands-on time with it, but now that desire is so much worse. Hopefully we get more time with this game soon as it is releasing this year, and while at the Annapurna the release date was given to us as “sooner than you’re probably expecting” which bodes well for developer Jason Roberts’ beautiful game.

Now for the bad news: the game is currently only slated for a PC and Mobile release. The game at first glance doesn’t necessarily seem like something well-suited to a console release, but in the long run it’d really be no different than any of the point-and-click adventure games that grace Sony’s console. At least logistically. The game could even probably go so far as to use the touchpad on the DualShock 4 for all of its gameplay. But still, there is no word on a console release for this title. So why are we talking about it? Well frankly, this is one of the coolest and most beautiful puzzle games we’ve ever seen, and the more attention it receives, the better the odds are that more people will find themselves wanting this game on consoles. Not only that, but publisher Annapurna Interactive even has a few games headed to the PS4 already, so it doesn’t feel like an impossibility.

Is this the kind of game you’d like to see make it to the PS4 eventually? Faff with the panels in the comments section below.

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Hands On: Incredible Puzzle Game Gorogoa Needs to Come to PS4 – Push Square

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