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The Next Step in Treating Gait and Walking Functions in Older Adults – Markets Insider

NEW YORK, Aug. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Gait, or the way one walks, is a critical aspect of our lives as it defines our capacity to walk and keep our balance. Gait impairments and dementia often coexist in older adults and patients with neurodegenerative diseases. Both conditions represent independent and serious risk factors for falls and life-threatening injuries. The relationship between cognitive function and gait has recently receivedincreased attention from the neuroscientific community as research has demonstrated the relationship betweencognitive state and our mobility. Today, researchers hope to continue to boost executive function by using the CogniFit brain training program.

Gait shows all levels of nervous system functions. Observing gait can be especially useful when it comes to diagnosing and tracking psychiatric and neurologic disorders. If gait slows down or walking becomes erratic, it can indicate signs of serious cognitive impairments that could become more significant in the future. For example, these symptoms have been associated with later appearances of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Roee Holtzer, a professor of neurology at Albert Einstein and Yeshiva University, and Joe Verghese, director of the Montefiore Einstein Center for the Aging Brain, are collaborating to shed light on the relationship between gait and cognition and how to improve them.

“We are treating walking abilities as an extension of brain function,” Dr. Verghese says.

The researchers started a federally funded study testing the effect of the CogniFit cognitive training program on gait. Their goal is to help clinicians identify seniors at risk for dementia and other health risks, such as falls, and to find interventions to improve gait. Up to 420 participants will use CogniFit brain training games for 45 minutes, three times a week, for a period of two months. The scientists will measure each of the participants’ gait before they start the eight weeks of cognitive training. They will do so again post-intervention, as well as sixand 12 months later, to see if any effects are durable.

Half of the participants will be playing CogniFit brain games focused on training executive functions, while the other half will play “placebo” games. These placebo games are other CogniFit brain fitness tasks designed to stimulate other cognitive processes aside from the executive function trained by the intervention group.

“One of the issues has been if you train someone to do a memory test, they appear to improve on memory, but not anything else, which is known as a near transfer,” Dr. Verghese says. Consequently, the researchers, are hoping for a far transfer effect, where playing these brain exercises will not only improve their cognitive processes but it will improve their gait as well.

CogniFit brain fitness solutions are recognized and used for much research by the scientific community, including the University of Washington, the Naval Medical Research Unit of the US Navy, the Misericordia University, the Tel Aviv University, and more. Among its products, CogniFit offers a professional platform specifically designed to help scientists study the brain and perform scientific research online and in real-time: CogniFit for Researchers. This platform can help neuroscientific researchers better assess, train, and track people’s cognitive performance. TheCogniFit brain training program uses advanced algorithms to automatically adjust difficulty and tailor exercises to the study participant’s cognitive level and researchers’ needs. CogniFit online brain fitness solutions can be used by children, adultsand seniors.

See more about CogniFit for Researchers platform on our dedicated CogniFit page. Researchers can start using the system by themselves online and decide what option best fits their needs.

You can also find more information watching an introductory video on our CogniFit YouTube page.

For further inquiries and media interviews, please contact Molly Minchew at rel=”nofollow”>

About CogniFit

CogniFit is a global leader in developing online programs to assess and train core cognitive areas such as attention, memory, coordination, perception, and reasoning. As a digital health company, CogniFit specializes in scientifically validated cognitive tests and brain training programs, all available online at

CogniFit’s patented technology has been designed by an international team of scientists, neurologists, and psychologists who investigate and combine the latest discoveries on the brain with advanced adaptive algorithms and big data analytics. For over 15 years, CogniFit has been developing personalized brain fitness programs with leading scientific institutions and published its results in several peer-reviewed publications.

Today a major vendor in the cognitive assessment and training market, CogniFit offers its programs to individuals and companies in various verticals, such as healthcare, education, research, health and wellness, drivingand human resources.

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Researchers use CogniFit brain fitness solutions to improve gait through brain training

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The Next Step in Treating Gait and Walking Functions in Older Adults – Markets Insider

Hard Rock teams up with game studio to make mobile puzzle-match game – VentureBeat

Hard Rock International has teamed up with game studio Ilyon Dynamics to create the official Hard Rock mobile game, dubbed Hard Rock Puzzle Match. The title debuts today on iOS and Android.

It is one more brand moving into mobile games, which has become a $46 billion industry. But the entertainment chain believes it can succeed through its differentiator: music. In doing so, its joining brands like Red Bull and NBCUniversal, which are making their own games.

Hard Rock Puzzle Match tries to capture the Hard Rock experience. Orlando, Florida-based Hard Rock International considers it to be the first release in a multi-year, multi-title effort to break into games, saidKresimir Spajic, the senior vice president of online gaming atHardRockInternational, in an email to GamesBeat.

Hard Rock International is continuously searching for opportunities to increase brand affiliation among its loyal fans, he said. This highly engaging game will provide users a one-of-a-kind experience, just like theyd receive by stepping foot onto any Hard Rock property, whether it be a hotel, casino, caf, or Hard Rock Live venue.

Above: This mobile puzzle-match game will carry the Hard Rock name.

Image Credit: Hard Rock

Hard Rock Puzzle Match challenges players to work their way through levels and puzzles in order to complete their Hard Rock memorabilia collections while also exploring famous Hard Rock landmarks and locations from London to Las Vegas, New Delhi, and Barcelona. Each city has a special set of cards that need to be completed, offering players the opportunity to learn about each location in the process.

Hard Rock tapped Israel-based Ilyon to capture the spirit of the brand and translate it into something people could interact with on a daily basis. Hard Rockoperates hundreds of cafs, hotels, and casinos across the world that are visited by more than 79 million guests each year.Each of the brands locations features rock memorabilia from Hard Rocks extensive collection, which is the largest of its kind in the world.

While we have developed and launched many different types of games, this collaboration and game development process was a truly special opportunity for our team, said Yonatan Erez, the CEO of Ilyon, in a statement. We worked incredibly hard to bring everything that is unique about Hard Rock to the small screen, and we are excited to deliver what we believe is simply an amazing gaming experience to Hard Rocks loyal fans across the globe.

Above: Ilyon Dynamics has made Hard Rock Puzzle Match for the entertainment chains fans.

Image Credit: Hard Rock

Ilyon Dynamics has made more than 50 free-to-play casual mobile games with hundreds of millions of downloads. The company was founded in 2013 by four tech entrepreneurs.

Hard Rock appeals to a wide audience through its differentiator music, Spajic said. By targeting the brands millions of loyal fans from around the world, we hope to create a bridge between the online and offline experiences. As a leading entertainment and leisure company, Hard Rock is known for delivering guests a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience as soon as they enter a Hard Rock location, and this game captures that experience and puts it in the palm of players hands.

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Hard Rock teams up with game studio to make mobile puzzle-match game – VentureBeat

Gram Games’ puzzle masters unleash Merge Town | GamesBeat … – VentureBeat

Gram Games has generated more than 165 million downloads for its mobile catalog, and the company is launching its sixth puzzle game today, Merge Town.

The new iOS puzzle game(which the company spells Merge Town!) is the latest in the Merge series, which uses the mechanic of merging two puzzle pieces together to solve a puzzle. Thats a mechanic that makes these free-to-play games easy to play. Ive played most of Grams games, and theyre always quite addictive.

The free-to-play game follows the release of Merge Dragons, which debuted in July and generated $1 million in revenues and two million downloads in its first month. Gram Games started out in Turkey, and it still has about half of its employees in Istanbul. The company also has a team of about 30 people in London, according to Gram Games cofounder Kaan Karamanci.

With this proof of concept, we are now building a fresh, new franchise, based on our merge mechanic, said Karamanci, in an email. This is our third game of 2017. We expect to launch 2 more games in the Merge! franchise by the end of the year.

Above: Merge Town!

Image Credit: Gram Games

With a full team of 60, Gram Games is able to create more apps than it could in the past.

In Merge Town!, players get a plot of land, and they must develop it into a town.In order to build houses, players musttap on the build box at the bottom of the screen until a building appears on the board. Homes of allvarieties are on sale in the app store using in-game currency, which is earned fromhouses already built on the land.

Once multiple houses are on the board, you merge with others of the same variety to form larger, more impressive homes. Its kind of like upgrading houses on a property into a hotel in Monopoly.

The bigger the home, the more in-game currency players will earn. And the more a town develops,the more land it will unlock, granting players the space to build more houses. From level eight,players are able to unlock and expand into new towns.

Gram Games is a venture-backed global mobile entertainment studio and the developer of the hit games1010, Merged, Merge Dragons, Six, and Bounzy!. Karamanci cofounded it withMehmet Ecevit in 2012. Its headquarters is in London, with a studio in Istanbul.

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Gram Games’ puzzle masters unleash Merge Town | GamesBeat … – VentureBeat

Sanrio’s Hello Kitty & Friends has become a puzzle game? – Develop

Hello Kitty Friends globally release on 30th Aug

– Global popular character Hello Kitty with a 2-match puzzlegame

– Tap two blocks makes it easier than traditional 3-match puzzlegames

– Various contents for Sanrio fans such as costume collectionand decorating dream room

Hello Kitty Friends, a casual puzzle game based on popular IP ofSanrio, including Hello Kitty, will start a global live service onthe 30th Aug.

‘Hello Kitty Friends’ is a puzzle game developed by SuperAwesome Inc., which signed a formal contract with Sanrio DigitalKorea last year. In addition to ‘Hello Kitty’, the game alsofeatures Sanrio’s popular characters ‘My Melody’, ‘Kero KeroKeroppi’, ‘Pompom Purin’, ‘Bad Badtz-Maru’ and ‘Tuxedo Sam’. Thegame is a touch-based match-2 puzzle game that is easier to playthan the existing swipe-based match-3 puzzle game.

In addition, Sanrio fans can collect Sanrio characters ofvarious costumes, and customize part of the game screen withfavorite furniture. ‘Hello Kitty Friends’ is a new work of mobilegame developer Super Awesome which has introduced ‘Lucky Strike’, aSlot Machine RPG, to domestic and global this year.

Donghyun Cho, CEO of Super Awesome said, “We’ve done a lot toimprove graphics and game quality because we use global IP.”, “Ithink Hello Kitty Friends will feel more of the fun thananticipated in traditional puzzle games,” he said.

Sanrio Digital Korea said, “Hello Kitty Friends has beenprepared for a long time by Super Awesome, and it has high gamequality. It is a much anticipated work and we hope that not onlyKorea, but also Hello Kitty fans around the world will besatisfied

Additional information about the game can be found on the HelloKitty Friends official Facebook page (

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Sanrio’s Hello Kitty & Friends has become a puzzle game? – Develop

Absurd Puzzle Adventure Game Maize Coming to PS4 and Xbox One in September – DualShockers

Finish Line Games, the developers of Cel Damage HD,announced today that its new absurdist first person adventure and puzzle game Maize would finally be hitting consoles, specifically the PS4 and Xbox One, next month on September 12.

The console ports of Maize will cost the same as the PC version, $19.99, when they launch in September. For those of you who dont know, Maize hit PC last December, and is an oddly unique adventure game game that has players goon an adventure involving sentient corn created by two scientists that accidentally misinterpreted a memo from the Government. In order to finish the game, players must solve a variety of environmental puzzles, all while a talking Russian robot teddy bear namedVladdy is following them. So yeah, its quite different to say the least.

The trailer, which clocks in at one minute and five seconds, is quite funny. In it, many of the games sentient corn creatures are attempting to use a controller, but the number of them that is needed to do so gets out of hand quite quickly.

You can check out the teaser trailer for the console versions of the game below. Maize is currently available on PC, and will launch on PS4 and Xbox One on September 12.

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Absurd Puzzle Adventure Game Maize Coming to PS4 and Xbox One in September – DualShockers

Young Marape shines in Zimbabwe – Mmegi Online

Marape (10) proved her mettle when she took part in a competition above her age category. She played in the Under-13 category and still proved too strong for her senior counterparts, bagging a gold medal.

Her performance meant she booked her space at the World Schools Individual Championships to be held in Durres, Albania in April 2018. Marape has also qualified to receive a higher international chess title, Woman FIDE Master.

Her coach and father, Marape Marape told Mmegi Sport yesterday that almost every player in the category was three years older than Naledi.

She has been the most consistent national youth player over the past three years. She is the fulcrum of the team and the only player to have won a medal at each of the past three African chess championships, he said.

Naledi was part of the team that was in a training camp with the Russian Grandmaster Nickolay Chadaey for three weeks before the competition in Harare.

The coach said the camp assisted the player a lot. He said in addition he made sure that everyday for four weeks prior to the Africa Schools Chess Championship, she had a daily schedule that included studying chess tactics, solving chess puzzles, end games, openings and middle game theory.

I made sure that

she fulfilled this schedule. Also as part of preparation for this tournament, I took her to Durban to take part in the South Africa Open Chess Championship in July. That tough tournament gave her the necessary practice, he said.

He said the time controls of South Africa Open Chess Championship and Africa Schools Chess Championship were the same but the standard of competition was different. He said despite the tough competition she faced in Durban, she brought home a medal.

Meanwhile, Botswana emerged as the champions of Africa Schools Chess Championship after collecting nine medals (three gold, three silver and three bronze). The hosts, Zimbabwe finished in the second spot with 10 medals (two gold, four silver and four bronze). Uganda anchored the log with two medals (one silver and one bronze). Other countries that competed at the championship are Kenya, Angola, Zambia and South Africa. Botswana Chess Federation spokesperson, Kutlwano Tatolo said the team was under the guidance of Chadaev. Botswana defended their title won last year.

Gold medals: Natalie Banda (Under 11 girls) and Temo Kapane (Under seven boys)

Silver medals: Susan Sethebe (Under-17 girls), Laone Moshoboro (Under-9 girls) and Hasitha Manikonda (Under-7 girls)

Bronze: Thabo Elias (Under-17 boys), Marape Marape Junior (Under-15 boys) and Arona Moshoboro (Under-11 girls).

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Young Marape shines in Zimbabwe – Mmegi Online

Google Play Indie Games Festival unveils 20 finalists – VentureBeat

Google Play announced the 20 finalists for its second annual Google Play Indie Games Festival. The festival celebrates Android mobile games by independent developers and will take place on September 23 in San Francisco at Spin, a restaurant and event space.

The event is free, and attendees will be able to play the games and vote for their favorites. A panel of industry judges will select three winners. Around 300 people showed up at last years event, and Google Play intends to continue to keep it small so that there are more opportunities for 1-on-1 conversation. The winners last year were all puzzle games: Bit Bit Blocks (Greg Batha), Numbo Jumbo (Wombo Combo), and Orbit Playing with Gravity (Highkey Games).

Android is now the most-used platform on mobile, which puts it in a good position to capitalize on a thriving mobile games market that market research firm Newzoo predicts could hit$65 billion in 2020. One of the main hurdles to success for mobile games and apps is discoverability; app stores are often saturated with new titles coming out every month. Google Plays been tackling the discoverability issue with initiatives such as the Free App of the Week section. The indie games festival pulls double duty in giving developers a chance to showcase their work as well as hopefully helping players find new games to play.

With so many games available on Google Play, its important that fans are able to find unique and great experiences from indie developers, said Kacey Fahey, Google Plays marketing programs manager, in an email. Indies are great at thinking outside of the box and are some of the first to adopt new features and platforms.

One of the finalists is Slayaway Camp by Blue Wizard Digital, a puzzle game that riffs on classic horror movies by having you murder teenage camp counselors as a masked serial killer named Skullface. Jason Kapalka, one of PopCap Games co-founders, says that starting Blue Wizard is a return to his indie roots with less bejeweling and more teenage decapitation.

Its definitely great to get more exposure for the game, said Kapalka in an email about Slayaway Camps nomination. The downside to the accessibility of the game market on mobile these days is that you have a lot of competition and noise literally hundreds of apps competing for eyeballs are released every single day. So getting called out by Google in that ocean of apps is really helpful.

Kapalka says that the festival is a good start to get indie games more attention.

Its pretty tough to get attention in the app store these days unless you have a big brand or lots of marketing dollars behind you, especially for a premium rather than a free-to-play game, said Kapalka. And there are relatively few critical channels like magazines or streamers when it comes to mobile games for players to check out, unlike the PC and console space.

Blue Wizards representative plans to show up to their demo dressed as their games psycho killer star Skullface, armed probably with a chainsaw or machete to try to convince the judges. On the panel this year areAlex the Gamerette, a YouTube creator; Lina Chen, the cofounder and CEO of Nix Hydra;Emily Greer, the CEO of Kongregate; Jamil Moledina, games strategic lead at Google;Dean Takahashi, the lead writer for GamesBeat; and Sarah Thomson, the business development lead for indie games at Google Play.

The finalists are:

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Google Play Indie Games Festival unveils 20 finalists – VentureBeat

This New Version of Solitaire Is Being Released on Floppy Disks – Motherboard

Dust off your giant noisy keyboard and fire up your VGA because a new version of solitaire is about to drop for MS-DOS.

No, you didn’t mistakenly click on a blog post from 1991.

Launched and funded last week on Kickstarter, SHENZHEN SOLITAIRE is a throwback to vintage computing’s favorite time-wasters like Microsoft Solitaire and FreeCell. Releasing on a 3.5 floppy disk that should run on any 386-era PC, the game won’t work on modern PCs that lack floppy disk drives.

What would possess someone to release a game for a 36 year-old operating system?

Well, the project makes a little more sense considering Zachtronics developed it. The noted indie developer is known for a niche of puzzle games like SpaceChem and Infinifactory aimed at people who code.

“We make a lot of games about fictional computer architectures, and our ideas for them come from real life,” said Zach Barth, SHENZHEN SOLITAIRE’s creator, over the phone.

For Barth, porting SHENZHEN SOLITAIRE, a mini-game from his programming game SHENZHEN I/O, to archaic computer architecture was a source of artistic inspirationa spiritual journey, if you will. The Beatles went to India, but Barth bought a 386 from a local thrift store and learned how to program on it.

Bringing his Mahjong-inspired game of cards to its natural home environment wasn’t easy. It was necessary to write some of the code in assembly language, the low-level code that languages like C are built upon.

To better understand what he was getting into, Barth consulted Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book, a tome published in 1997 on old graphics and assembly language.

“This is what it must be like for people who play our puzzle games,” he quipped. “Nobody is making them for me, so this is the next best thing.”

The only difference is his puzzle is giving nerds the solitaire revival they’ve been waiting for since the late 90s. With 18 days to go, the project has already doubled its meager funding goal of $200.

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This New Version of Solitaire Is Being Released on Floppy Disks – Motherboard

Cyan partners with Legendary Pictures to add backstory to Obduction – VentureBeat

Cyan has a double dose of news about its Obduction thriller. The game is debuting on the PlayStation 4 today, and the company has cut a deal with Hollywoods Legendary Pictures to add a backstory to the award-winning adventure puzzle game.

Legendary Pictures VR division will work on fleshing out the narrative experience of Obduction in partnership with Spokane, Washington-based Cyan, which is run by Rand Miller, the co-creator of the original Myst and Riven games. Obduction is now both a VR and 2D screen game.

(Robyn and Rand Miller, co-creators of Myst and Riven, will come talk about the lessons of the past at our GamesBeat 2017 event on October 5-6 in San Francisco.)

Cyan is selling the PS4 version and PlayStation VR version together in a bundle for $30. It also includes exclusive new content, such as a new screen, which reveals a new area: a mysterious Russian submarine inside a large cavern.

I asked Rand Miller what he thought about Obductions art style, game mechanics, and themes compared to the original Myst. Heres what he said:

I feel like Obduction succeeds in providing that same kind of feeling that Myst provided a couple decades ago where players are dropped into the middle of a world and story and become part of both. That was such a unique feeling in Myst, and we really wanted to capture it again.

As for the style and art its very different, and very similar. Different in that its no longer single static snapshot linked together to paint the world, but a world that you flow through in three dimensions in real time. Different in that our art director and the artists that worked on Obduction have their own voices that give Obduction its own unique personality. Similar in that its once again a somewhat surreal world with alien and familiar elements juxtaposed in ways that hopefully encourage players to discover more about what it all means. And similar in that we really worked to try to make the story, the environment, and the puzzles support each other and make consistent sense.

The one similarity in theme is the idea of being snatched away from your comfortable surrounding and plopped into unfamiliar circumstances. We always considered that with Myst, we wanted the player to act like it was them that they were having this experience not playing a role. Obduction continues with that premise. Even though the story and environment are very different, that theme remains the same this is you, what would you do?

Above: Rand Miller is co-creator of Myst at Cyan.

Image Credit: Cyan

The new content also includes greater insight into the backstory of the characters and places and two new music tracks composed by Cyan software and audio engineer Hannah Gamiel.

Legendary has always been driven by a passion to empower great storytellers to tell great stories, no matter the medium, said Ethan Stearns, the vice president at Legendary VR, in a statement. Having successfully developed innovative story worlds across film, television, comics, live experience, and virtual reality, Legendary is thrilled to have an opportunity to continue pushing back the narrative boundaries of storytelling by bringing our brand of elevated, fully immersive VR to the gaming space alongside a groundbreaking studio like Cyan, who has truly revolutionized the computer gaming experience for its fans.

The PS VR version was made possible in part by a partnership with Legendary VR, a division of Legendary Pictures, the Hollywood studio best known for the The Dark Knighttrilogy, 2014s Godzilla, and recent blockbuster Kong: Skull Island. Legendary has the rights to make a TV show based on Myst.

Above: Obduction is a mysterious puzzle game.

Image Credit: Cyan

We already had a great relationship with Legendary Pictures as they have the options for a Myst TV show, said Rand Miller in a statement. Now as they expand into VR for both interactive and entertainment, its very exciting to be working work with them on the road map ahead.

Obduction is already available on Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Oculus Store, and the Mac App Store for PC, Mac, Rift, Touch, and Vive.

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Cyan partners with Legendary Pictures to add backstory to Obduction – VentureBeat

Gamescom 2017: Hands on with Transference, a decidedly unsettling VR puzzle game – Critical Hit

I briefly remember seeing a trailer for Transference at E3 this year but I have to be honest and admit that I completely forgot about it and moved my attention on to the more expected blockbusters of the year like Far Cry 3, Call of Duty or Need For Speed.However,while at Gamescom this year our Ubisoft contact managed to get me some hands on, or is that rather face on, with their upcoming Virtual Reality Psychological Thriller, Transference.

Transference is a psychological thriller and the first game collaboration between SpectreVision and Ubisoft. Bridging the gap between movies and games with SpectreVision which is an American Film Production company setup with Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller. So,SpectreVision are bringing their years of experience of movies and the story-driven immersion and combining it with the game development skills of Ubisoft and you have something that is truly unique.

The demo started off with us being shown a grainy video of a scientist explaining that we have been chosen to participate in their experiment, where we will be inserted into the memories of a soldier suffering from PTSD who has died. Were able to look through his memories over time to piece together how it all went wrong. But nothing to be worried about, because we are perfectly safe. Perfectly safe.

I have the VR headset strapped on, get noise cancelling headphones on and then get two weird controllers that I hold with each hand. As soon as the controllers come into view my hands spectrallyappear inthe game and I now have full motion of both hands to reach out and touch things, push switches and pick up objects. I found out afterwards that these controllers are the Oculus Touch controllers and hopefully the tech behind them will be shared with all VR manufacturers as it really made the game that much better.

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I was then teleported into a rundown house. Certain walls and doors were obviously glitching out a bit, this was explained earlier by the scientist where the more severe the memory the more unstable the memory data is and these sort of glitches are fine and you dont need to worry. Im perfectly safe.So I walked forward and turned into the kitchen which was covered in dirt and flies with rotting food strewn all over the place. There was a baseball on the table which you could pick up and examine, on top of the microwave there were some antidepressants and near the fridge there were some more. I opened the drawers to find a broken picture of a father and son both smiling away.

I flicked the light switch and everything went dark and then when I reappeared and the lights were back on we were around 10 years back in the past with the house now nice and clean, travelling through time in the persons memory; I flick it again and Im transported back to the present.

The time travel ability is great for investigating things and comparing the differences between the times but its much more than that. The real kicker is that you can use it to transport things between times. So in my demo I needed to open the basement door to see whats down there. In the current version of events the door is open and if I walk down there is a young man rambling to himself and if you approach him he suddenly runs up to you and blows your head off with a shotgun. But in that version there is a basement key hanging in the kitchen so you need to then grab the key and flick the light switch and you then appear back in the past with the key and you can then use it on the door to open the basement door and then investigate the basement properly.

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Another neat VR trick was at one stage the entire house had disappeared leaving you alone in the blackness with some wood pieces floating in the air, you then had to position yourself in a specific spot and line up the wooden pieces which then caused a door to form which you can then go through and solve the mystery of the house.

Afterwards I asked the developer if in the full game wed be going through multiple peoples minds and he said that nothing has yet been revealed about that. But obviously this mechanic works perfectly to create visually unique puzzles. Each mind you go into can be in an entirely different setting, the look and feel can be entirely unique and the main characters can change all the time so Id say its virtually certain that the game will feature different minds. Ubisoft howeve, however, confirmed this at all.

Another possibility is that the game could be released with episodic content much like the recent brilliant Hitman series. But for now all we know is that the game will be released in the Spring of 2018 (Northern Hemisphere) and will be coming to the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It will be playable with standard controls or you can go full VR using the Oculus Rift, Vive or PSVR.

It is probably the most unique and original game that Ive seen at Gamescom and for that reason, along with the quality of the demo, it has received one of our very valuable Gamescom 2017 Nomination stickers.

Last Updated: August 28, 2017

Gamescom 2017: Hands on with Transference, a decidedly unsettling VR puzzle game – Critical Hit

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